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Apartments in Mljet

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Mljet may be the prettiest island in Croatia. When one enters in the Adriatic sea from South, it is the first biggest island to come to. Mljet is lonely island, 5 nautical miles away from the closest mainland, but well connected by ferryboats with Dubrovnik, Pelješac peninsula and island Korčula. It doesn’t surprises that many consider Mljet to be enchanted island from Homer’s Odysseys where Odyssey was bedazzled by nymph Kalisto. T
he one who visits Mljet, gets enhanced too, by it’s the greenest dense forests, sandy beaches and clear blue water. Mljet is proud of it’s National park with two salt lakes linked with canal. In the center of the bigger lake is an island with old Benedictine monastery. Both lakes and sea beaches around the island will change your perception of swimming and relaxing in the sea. Numerous antique and cultural remains will spice sightseeing of the island and make you dizzy from it’s beauty. You can go sightseeing by renting a boat, car, bike or a motorcycle. Island has one hotel, but the true experience of Mljet one can feel, staying in one of the numerous apartments and rooms, giving the opportunity to a diligent hosts to show their nature hospitality and generosity. Mljetians are still occupied by the agriculture, goat growth, fishing and beekeeping. You’ll find their home grown products on your table, especially goat cheese and quality black and white vines Mljet is famous of.
are modern and well-equipped since Mljet has been the popular tourist destination, famous of it’s unique nature beauty as well as the superior tourist offer.

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Accommodation Mljet

Apartment Linda
Sleep: from 2 up to 9 persons in 3 apartments
Price from
€ 38
per night
Sleep: from 2 up to 23 persons in 8 apartments
Price from
€ 60
per night
Apartment Lara
Sleeps: 4 persons
Price upon request
National Park
Sleep: from 2 up to 7 persons in 2 apartments
Price upon request
Stone house Goveđari
Sleep: from 2 up to 9 persons in 2 apartments
Price upon request

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