Lodging in Croatia

  • Published: 19/10/2009

Croatia is a very tourism oriented country and therefore there are many apartments in Croatia. It could be assumed that they make the most of accommodation capacities in Croatia. As a tourist country, Croatia has a lot of hotels, camps, marinas and all other accommodation types, but private apartments in Croatia can accept much more guests than all other capacities together.

Some smaller places and towns in the inside of the country don’t have large accommodation capacities, especially the ones without hotels, or with just one hotel. But it is possible to find at almost any part of Croatia someone who will rent you a room or an apartment.

At the seaside, apartments are very attractive to all kind of guest, and are main accommodation type, as they can accept large number of guests. So in any place at the seaside, a tourist will be able to rent a private apartment for him or for his whole family.

Apartments are categorized, so you can count on good service and very good condition of the apartment you plan to rent. Also, most of them are either new built, or just renovated. Very rare are apartments which don’t have air-condition, and most of them has its own kitchen and TV of course. They are located all over the each destination, so you can easy choose a perfect location for your holidays in a specific place.

During the summer season, it could be that apartment you like will not be available, but as apartments for rent are everywhere, you will easy find another one. But to be sure, the best way is to book them via Internet few months earlier, or at least few weeks or days before you planned arrival. You should easy find on web agency in Croatia which has a database with all private apartments for rent. And you will find pictures of some apartments as well. You could also go directly to tourist agency in the destination, once you arrived, and ask there for the list of available apartments.

It is important to mention that apartments in Croatia are not exclusive in private ownership, as owners of some of them are hotel chains and other entities. In Croatia could be found a lot of apartment villages, which are also in ownership of just mentioned entities.

Big advantage of apartments is that if you come as a group, or you have a lot of family members, you could easy book some apartment with a few rooms and beds, so you all could be accommodated at the same apartment. Day fee is usually per apartment, so no matter if you come alone or as a group, you would pay the same amount for specific apartment.

During the whole year it is possible to stay in one of many apartments in Croatia, as they are for rent during the whole year.

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