Robinson tourism

  • Published: 26/10/2009

Tourists like to explore new destinations, and they like to experience something new. Robinson tourism in Croatia is capable to satisfy explorer side of every tourist. It is a fabulous experience which should be tested.

That type of accommodation is not the cheapest, although it doesn’t includes benefits which you can get at some top tourist destination. But it includes something else what you can’t get at some top tourist destination. That is an adventure and free spirit. This type of tourism is usually offered at very remote destinations, which are in many cases completely abandoned or unoccupied. But there still left some buildings where a tourist can find accommodation. Mostly that is beacon on distanced capes, or some small house very far away from civilization, often on a small unoccupied islet. That accommodation unit doesn’t have to be just the roof above your head. It could be very modern decorated, and luxury equipped, but just located somewhere in the wildness. A tourist has a choice to choose if he want to stay in object without any equipment, or he just want peace of some distanced cape but with all benefits of modern life.

Beacons in Croatia are most popular for this type of tourism. There are some really fabulous small islets and capes, where beacons are rearranged for acceptation of tourists who prefer Robinson type of tourism. Some capes are just about 1000 m2 of area, with just a beacon on them, and all around them is nothing but the sea. Beacons on the Croatian islets and capes are special places for a unique holiday.

Imagine a holiday without cars and without the noise of a typical tourist place. The view from the terrace and allows you to see nothing but that you are surrounded by crystal clear sea, pine trees and olive trees. If you imagine holidays like that, it is Robinson tourism in Croatia is just for you.

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