Rural tourism

  • Published: 02/11/2009

As an important part of tourism, rural tourism in Croatia is at high level. It contains old tradition and customs of specific destination.
Main accommodation types for this kind of tourism are small family hotels and apartments. But it is not unusual that tourist are located at the big hotels in some top tourist destinations, and that they take tours from its destination to visit some nearby villages where they can experience charm of rural tourism and learn something about old Croatian traditions and customs.

Rural tourism is the common name for various forms of tourism that occur outside the cities and areas where mass tourism has developed. It is determined and marked with tourist attractions that are located in rural area and it take a little more than 90% of Croatian land surface. It is present on the islands as well.

In addition to tourism in the tourist family farms, in the rural areas we find a hunting, fishing tourism, resort tourism, sports and recreational tourism, health tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, gastronomic tourism, eko tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism, religious tourism, tourism in protected parts of nature such as National Parks and Nature Parks, nostalgic tourism, local tourism etc. Rural tourism in rural areas includes both type of tourists, the ones who stay more than one day and the ones who are one day visitors.

Many tourist spots with rural tourism are still in authentic shape. That means that houses are very old, built in a way of that time, and it’s not rare that at some destinations people still live the life just on the same way as they did before many years when civilization was on lower level.

Rural tourism is very strong in Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia. As Istria and Dalmatia are top tourist counties in Croatia, they also offer a lot of rural tourism destinations, which are mostly located a few kilometers behind main modern tourist destination, and that locations could be easy visited as they are mostly pretty close.

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