10 wild features of Croatia

Weather you dream of peaceful and easy vacation or a wild one, in Croatia you can find it all. And there is a bit of wild for everyone: wild adventure and parties for wild lovers, along with wild grown food for leisure seekers, such as wild fresh fish from Adriatic. Wild it up!
  • Published: 21/03/2016
  • By: Antonia Dobrota
  • Photo by: Apartmanija.hr

Although Croatia is famous of its tame climate and nature, there are more than a few wild things you should experience here. You can walk across the country without fear of wild animals, swim without fear of sharks, and leave your tent open without fear of thieves. Still, here you can discover some rare wild features which can hardly be found anywhere else. Some of them can easily end in your dish and some can fill the cup of your memories from the tamest and wildest holiday you can ever imagine.

Wild fauna

Wild Croatia brown bear Kuterevo

1. Wild guess: Kuterevo is placed on slopes of Velebit mountain. Check No. 7!

Wild Croatia dolphins Plavi svijet Losinj

2. Wild guess: Sail among 1249 Croatian islands and spot a dolphin under the moonlight.

Wild Croatia National Park Risnjak

3. Wild guess: Guess another wild animal which inhabitants woods of Risnjak. Hint: red riding hood ;-)

Wild flora

Wild Croatia Asparagus

4. Wild guess: There are many edible plants, many of which can be found only in Croatia. Do not take a wild guess, leave it to connoisseurs and search for them on menus of Croatian excellent restaurants!

Wild nature

Wild Croatia water

5. Wild guess: Zrmanja, Cetina, Una, Dobra, Kupa, Sava, Mreznica, stands for...?

Wild Croatia beaches

6. Wild guess: Beaches become a center of life in a summer time. You can swim, you can relax, you can eat, you can dance, you can sleep, you can... on a beach.

wild croatia mountain Velebit

7. Wild guess: Velebit is the most attractive mountain in Croatia with a national park and parks of nature, along with many wild stories to tell. Take a wild guess and explore Velebit!

Wild lifestyle

Wild Croatia party

8. Wild guess: Dimensions and Outlook Festival in Pula, Hideout in Pag, INmusic in Zagreb, Stop Making Sense and The Garden in Tisno, Ultra Europe in Split, Unknown in Obonjan, Vo`Isa in Brač... take a wild guess and pick a town or an island, there is a wild music festival there, tailored just for you!

Wild Croatia adventure

9. Wild guess:
Add camping to your wildest vacation in Croatia and you`ll experience true escape from the life as you know it!

Wild Croatia wind bura

10. Wild guess: Bura blows from north to south. There is a saying that it is born in Senj, it is getting married in Sibenik and it dies in Makarska. Take a wild trip and follow bura along the Adriatic coast - from Senj to Makarska, 344 kilometers long road of beautiful Mediterran landscapes and holiday delight.

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