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  • Published: 01/01/2014

Finding an accommodation in Croatia can be a long crusade through the numerous all-the-same ads or an interesting inquiry into the features of a tourist destination. Weather you dispose with less or more money, the wish for getting the best bargain is understandable. And it seems that 12 millions of tourists, who book an accommodation in Croatia every year, know well how to get the best for their money.

Just in the right place

The vacation of your dreams has to have a secret ingredient – a holiday accommodation in Croatia.
Croatia is a small country of the great geological varieties. It has indented coast with 1246 of islands sunbathed over 2500 hours per year; greenish woods on high peaks with the sea viewing ski paths; narrow plains in the inland and hundreds of rivers with limestone barriers and waterfalls embracing clear and clean waters.
From Istrian peninsula towards the south, passing small shining littoral towns of Kvarner bay, tracking the toes of the big mountain Velebit to Dalmatia with its historical scenes Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik; or choosing fresh green meadows of the continent, playful among the rivers and creeks, Croatia has been nothing but an inspiration, a positive force moving your holidays in the land of dreams and a wish come true.

Croatia is a small country of the great cultural varieties. From fist inhabitants in early Neolithic over Illyrians with their tumuli; Roman Empire with their villas, palaces and cities infrastructures; Middle-aged castles, fortifications and city walls; to the mansions of Austro-Hungarian monarchs who governed this territory for over three centuries. It seems that civilizations and religions, whose inheritances have touched on these miraculous places, were just here to leave everyone breathless, speechless in front of the beauties of the architecture, art and gastronomy.

Centuries of political and economy turbulence raised a new kind of people; Croatians are glad to host you in their home, proud of their legacy and customs they managed to preserve despite all. And Croatia is a small country of the great varieties among tourist accommodation facilities, too. 567 hotels make 15% of total settling in Croatia. With the exception of still pretty small nautical capacities, the rest goes on private accommodation and camps. Thus, 300000 of holiday houses and half of million of beds in rental apartments and rooms make the majority of accommodation in Croatia. Private apartments are popular among tourists all over the world, due to the intimacy and savings they allow.

Rental houses or apartments are available for any taste and pocket. One can pick from two stars lodging to luxurious villas with numerous amenities. The majority of the luxurious accommodation is settled in Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Istria doesn’t lag upon it, since it is the most visited Croatian region; over 30% of tourists find this charming peninsula irresistible with its culture, architecture, gastronomy, vine roads and quality comfortable accommodation reflected in numerous villas, holiday houses, apartments, hotels, resorts and camps.

Although the continental Croatia disposes of numerous various accommodations, maybe the most interesting are rural houses which present authentic way of living. Nautical tourism is marking its growth, as well as robinson tourism. Croatian intact, yet tame, nature is the idyllic environment for civilization apostates wannabe; a choice can be made among the expensive lodging in phantasmagorical lighthouses on distanced islets to the small cottages on mountain slopes.

Just a few accommodation tips

  • Choose the exact destination for booking an accommodation in Croatia – pay attention on every information about that destination, over the internet or listening to your friends, but choose the one that suits your own interests and affinities.

  • Learn about kinds of accommodation in your favorite destination – choose the one right after you checked all features and amenities. Pay attention to its location as well; is it easily approachable or near objects of your closest interests.

  • If possible, learn from someone who has already been there.

  • Book an accommodation on time – early booking saves money, although economy crisis made a huge impact on tourism in Croatia allowing last minute booking for cheap money.

  • Size the day – enjoy every single day and don’t miss the opportunity to see and try something new.

  • Respect your body and soul – let yourself enjoy in the comfort of your rental lodging. But also try to push your limits a bit further and allow your hosts to show their hospitality; a drop of homemade brandy won’t kill you!

  • Make lots of photos and tell a story - tell your story! Spread a word about your dream vacation in Croatia and book your accommodation even earlier next year!

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