Days off in paradise a short introduction to Croatia

  • Published: 22/06/2010

Stepping out of the well beaten paths of everyday life is everything we dream of sometimes. Even if it is just for a while, like taking a holiday trip somewhere we’ve never been, or even heard about. So, booking a holiday accommodation and all other planning a trip issues, you can do it yourself, leave it to your significant other, or give yourself over to the expertise of a tourist agency and its holiday options. But, what ever you choose to do, there is a choice which can be made just by you – a choice of destination.
Finally, do not hesitate; Croatia could not be anything less but paradise, a place where your paths can derail the well known patterns, which is just the thing you are dreaming of.

Holidays in paradise

It is a small country, squeezed by its neighbors like Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, forcing it to take an undefined shape, which well defined its landscapes and made a country of diversities from it; Croatia is a place for summer vacations, as well for winter holidays accommodation. With an incredible 5835 kilometers of shore length, Croatia is 18th on the whole world, but the thing making it even more attractive is that 4057 kilometers of that line belongs to its 1185 islands, islets and rocks. Continental parts hide a great geo-morphological diversity; Mediterranean climate penetrates deep into the inland donating dry warm summers and mild winters to the whole country. It stands on the gate of Western Europe, at the merge of civilizations, religions and social-cultural features, marking its countryside and people as well. It is the place where wonders do not exist because it cannot be surprised, yet it is a wonder itself in the eyes of people visiting, passing by or even the ones permanently bounded with its inheritance.

Accommodation in Croatia

It is the country for elite tourism with the cities of the world’s significance like Dubrovnik, where you can taste the salty air, playful between a thousand years old stone city walls and towers; sit on a white terrace, lighten by torches, to watch the sea crashing upon your fetes; dinning dishes of fresh sea food from the cleanest Adriatic sea; dance your feet of by the light tones of local Mediterranean music; and fall asleep between the snow-white sheets, soft as a cloud, the only thing that is missing on a perfect blue sky stretched over a perfect blue horizon, in the frame of your apartment window.

And it is the place for a low budget accommodation, in one numerous picturesque little towns, scattered all over Croatia. Hotels, camps, robinson tourism facilities, accompanied by numerous private rooms and apartments in Croatia, hidden in traditional or modern houses, diverse as Croatia is, but all alike upon the kindness of the hosts and their eager to fulfill your wishes and needs, weather you are looking for cheap holiday options or the money doesn’t concerns you.  So, weather you choose to plan a vacation yourself, leave it to your significant other, or give yourself over to the expertise of a tourist agency and its holiday options, choose Croatia. You are about to live your days off in paradise.

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