Memorable summer holidays in Croatia

  • Published: 12/12/2014

One of the most common quests for rental accommodations is a view; rather than lots of amenities, most tourists dream about a big window of holiday apartment in Croatia with astonishing bluish sea curtain upon their thrilled eyes. So, where all that affection of a human and a seashore comes from?

5800 kilometers of seashore in Croatia

Choosing to book an apartment or a  in Croatia, could be nothing else but excellent choice for all of those who love seashores and beaches, since Croatian part of the Adriatic coast counts over 5800 of kilometers. And that long, long line could not be described other than a stream of little and bigger coves, bays, beaches, shores, docks, firths, sea lochs, channels, beaches, beaches, beaches… That restless stream is spreading a word all over the world about the beauties and leisure that a holiday in Croatia can provide. Private vacation houses and rental apartments are spreading all over the littoral, tracking that irresistible line, turning their windows to the sea and beaches dividing.

Beaches are all kinds; concrete, rocky, pebble, sandy. They are intimate, crowded, hidden, public, nudist. Maintained and wild. With amenities or plain. Easy to reach or hard to get to. Beautiful, more beautiful, even more beautiful. Crystal clear sea, which is one of the cleanest in Europe, has the average temperature of 24 Celsius. The highest temperature ever taken was 29 Celsius in surface area. There are no sharks and poison sea animals, nor any serious treat but seat-urchins, which are known as the best mark of an unpolluted sea. So again, where all that affection of a human and a beach come from?

Beaches in Croatia

Maybe the answer lays in the fact that beaches are neither land nor sea. Those are places that do not exist. Same as the problems and stress of every day’s life sizes to exist on the beaches. At a beach I am somebody else; by loosing my clothing, I loose my identity and become who ever I want to be. All beaches in Croatia are attractive and sheen and a diversity of it are surprising. From north to south, beaches are changing their clothing, turning their smiled faces towards the sun, inviting you from postcards, screens and photos. And yes, they are really that astonishing!

Where ever you rent a holiday apartment in Croatia, you’ll find a beach of your dreams in surroundings. Yet, there are some beaches famous all around the Globe; sandy beaches like Golden Horn on Brač, Šunj on Lopud, Saharun on Long Island, which are considered to be romantic; Queen`s beach in Nin, town beach in Crikvenica, beach in Lopar on Rab, which are known as a family beaches; Zrće on Pag - Novalja, beach in Petrčane near Zadar, Kamenice near Komiža, and others along the magical stream of Croatian coast, wanted as places for fun and dancing feet of until the new day is born. And there, again, where all that affection of a human and a beach comes from?
Book a summer accommodation in Croatia, discover tame and wild faces of its beaches, and you’ll find out where all that affection of a human and a beach comes from.

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