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  • Published: 22/04/2010

Since adoption is pretty much in these days, why not adopt an animal. You won’t probably be able to bring it home with you, but, hey, isn’t that what’s really good about adopting an animal?
Why adopt an animal? Because you are human with all human senses, deeply aware of vulnerability of our mother nature. You want to help the nature to survive the advancement of our race. You do want to help jeopardized animal and plant species to subsist on the planet that we share. And, yes, you want to spend some venial amount of money, venial for you, yet, significant for a little creature you’re about to help.
And how can you adopt an animal? It is easy, easier than you’ve expected. At first, you find an animal needing an adoption and make sure you are determined to adopt it. Than you’ll have to do some paper work. Don’t give up just here, it not what you think of. A simple name for your new adoptee and your personal data so you can receive an confirmation of adoption.

Where can you adopt an animal? Yes, you can do it on-line. But wouldn’t you rather see the one you’re about adopt for your self. Let me make a suggestion.

Somewhere, behind the hills and seas, lies a small but beautiful country – Croatia is its name. Only 750 kilometers from Prague, 450 kilometers from Wiener and 140 kilometers from Ljubljana, in a green vale on the riverside of Sava, a city lies. It is a capital city of Croatia – Zagreb. Zagreb is a rare city considering just one thing; whit its northern ends it touches centuries of forests of Nature Park Medvednica. Not many capital cities in the world are emerging from green reservoirs such this Nature Park is.
Settled of mild slopes of the mount Medvednica, covering 23 hectares of, mainly, woods, intersected by a great number of springs and creeks all over its territory, Nature Park Medvednica appeals people from all over. It is a favorite getaway of the residents of the city, as well as it is a destination for many inquisitors in loved with nature and the tranquility of the Nature Parks like this.
It has well developed tourist and hiker infrastructure; it is well connected with the main city and the towns in surroundings by local traffic lines. It doesn’t have lack of restaurants and accommodation unit. The diversity of tourist offer is suitable for all economy classes. Mountain lodges are probably the cheapest way of accommodation and they are in the heart of the Park. Private apartments in capital city or smaller towns like Krapina or Stubica are more comfortable and close enough.
The Park is suitable for hiking or cycling. Beside the preserved nature, it is a collection of historical and cultural sites; a mine from 15th century, archeological founds, monuments, chapels, fortifications like Medvedgrad, from 13th century, and other.
There are about 60 springs on Madvednica and, although they are not quite rich in water, their existence is crucial in preserving this peculiar ecosystem. 136 is a number of protected animals who live or visit Medvednica. In our days all  reptiles, birds and bats, some bugs and insects, fishes and rodents, living there, are protected. It is necessary, since numerous species are exterminated from the area; for example, the last lynx is killed long ago in 1883. Otter and bear, Medvednica is named after (medvjed – bear), vanished without a trace, also marten and wild cat are extremely rare.
So, why not adopt an animal and help prevent them from extermination? Every spring in Nature park Medvednica, a cave opens its deeps to anyone interested in walking through the longest cave, named Veternica, in Croatia. The cave is rich with historical founds, cave figures and secrets yet to be discovered. During the winter the cave is a shelter for 14 kinds of jeopardized bats. In spring they spread around the area in search for food and leave Veternica just for our nosey glances. Mostly they eat insects; just in one night one bat can eat up to 600  mosquitoes.
So, why not adopt a bat?

Are you serious about adopting a bat ? Visit  "Adopt a bat from Veternica cave" website.

What do you think?

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