Summer in Croatia - 1246 reasons to book a holiday apartment

  • Published: 03/01/2014

There are not many words that can describe beauties of Croatian coast, but there is a number which can help picture it. 1246 is the number of islands, islets and rocks speckled aboard the coast of Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Some say the number is lower. I don’t know how anyone could count them down, and not get blinded by the attraction of dispersed magic Mother Nature have had donated us! However, they attract people all over the globe, challenge them to plan summer holidays and book an accommodation in Croatia, somewhere on some island scattered along the coast. Some want more; thus nautical tourism in Croatia is growing. Many replace comfortable holiday apartments with swinging rental boats, just in order to see more of that magic at one holiday in Croatia.

Not many islands are inhabited, yet, there are great numbers of holiday accommodation capacities waiting over the bluish waves. Increasingly, tourists want to get away from the crowded noisy mainland and get closer to the nature in its purest and radical shape. The attractiveness of Croatian coast is not solely the number of islands; their intact nature and diversity is amazing in the corrupted world of today. Maybe the most appealing are Kornati; archipelago and National Park near Šibenk. There are 98 islets with the total surface of 320 km2. Two biggest islands among them take 70% of that surface. The rest is just must see; rent a boat, book an accommodation or put your backpack and sleeping bag on.
Besides renting a boat, a room or an apartment in Croatia, there are robinson accommodations for those who do not suspect from solitude, in its most beautiful manner; lost somewhere on a warm and friendly rock in the arms of cool bluish clean Adriatic Sea.

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