Why everyone goes to Croatia?

12 clear and convincing evidence about Croatia for those who need convincing in obvious
  • Published: 08/01/2018
  • By: Direct-Croatia.com
  • Photo by: WikiMedia

1. Beautiful sandy beaches

From the North to the South of the Croatian coast – hundreds of beaches for you to enjoy


2. Virgin coast

Seagulls, crabs, seashells... Mediterranean as it actually was 1000 years ago


3. The cleanest sea on this side of the globe

Just take a look at the picture


4. 1246 islands!

Yes, for you to explore, there really are 1246 islands in Croatia


Want more?

5. No sharks!

Not the surfer-eating kind anyway, you can surf your ass off without loosing it


6. No street crime

Sleep in a tent with your legs out or wear a backpack where it should be (on your back)


7. Affordable prices!

Or you seek for unafordable prices? We have those too


8. Really good domestic food

Well, this is a fact, there are actualy people who come to Croatia for food only


9. Water to drink from a tap

Water is so clean that actually... yes, well..you can drink it from a tap


10. The most gorgeous girls in the world (and boys)

You can ask anywhere, we do not know whys that, but that's a fact too


11. Millennial old romantic towns

Have you ever been in a place so romantic that it starts to annoy?


12. Party 24/7

You probably know what that means

More convincing?


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